Everyone young and old enjoys Balloons. Would a party really be a party without a fun bunch of Balloons? There are ways to celebrate, to decorate and to educate on the safe use of balloons (and all party supplies). 

The great thing about balloons is that they don't necessarily have to be filled with helium to create a striking decoration for your event. Chellie is more than happy to discuss your needs with you. 

From large oversized balloons in the corners of marquees for weddings, or tiny balloon garlands over tables for baby showers, to hanging colourful bunches with natural cotton ribbon the options are endless and I look forward to uploading the full range in the near future. 

Charmed are happy to offer natural latex balloons that are biodegradable in your compost and the use of natural string on all balloon sales. Just like most common party supplies such as banners, ribbons, wrapping, plastic plates, cutlery and packaging, balloons  can be safely disposed of with the right information. Charmed are excited to soon stock a range of environmentally friendly party supplies...keep posted!! 

Unfortunately past events have led to a greater degree of education being required regarding the disposal of all balloons.

Charmed Events  do not condone the practice of balloon releases, even with biodegradable balloons, as they pose a serious risk to wildlife and marine environments. You can read about the potential harm of even a small release here:

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