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Charmed Events Bushfire Update

It's a well known fact that Australia is experiencing the worst bushfire events right across the country. Here at Charmed the threat that come to our nearby beauty Kosciusko National Park, also meant that our beautiful paradise of Jindabyne was also in the potential firing line. Many locals fled our town in seek of refuge whilst many stayed on with strong management plans of dealing with amber/ bushfire attack. I fled, so I do apologise for all the late emails and return messages of late. Today we have clearer air, blue skies and a more positive outlook.

I am looking forward to working with my brides, hire clients and associated businesses for a very successful and happy 2020. I'll leave you with a gorgeous pic from my last wedding of 2019 on the stunning outskirts of Cooma, NSW.......

Happy New Year all and blessings for a wonderful year of celebrations......




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